Heritage & Craftsmanship

Imagine Home is honored to partner with fair-trade Peruvian artisans in bringing you this elegant and authentic bedding line. These seasoned artisans combine meticulous craftsmanship with organic materials to produce goods that honor the rich textile heritage of their culture. With methods and traditions that stretch back thousands of years, these proud artisans continue to build on the fabulous Peruvian reputation for excellence in textiles.

Creativity & Empowerment

In India, rug-making has always been the province of men. Our commitment to women’s empowerment led us to an innovative rug supplier in India that balances the traditional male role in textiles with a corresponding operation employing female artisans. This partnership operates under fair-trade procedures, providing women a chance to design and create beautiful hand-tufted rugs in a brand new facility that also provides a daycare center for their children. Imagine Home was fortunate to spend time on the ground with these remarkable artisans and collaborate on a line of rugs that combines high design with traditional craftsmanship.

Sustainability & Tradition

At Imagine Home, Green Design is more than just talk. With a 100% organic upholstery line and a mission to promote work in natural and chemical-free environments, we’re raising the bar for ethical standards in artisan craft. It is with great pride that we announce our partnership with an African-based cooperative in Mali that provides work for over 100 talented women in the textile industry. Using traditional bogolan tie-dyed indigo print, these artisans weave, spin, cut, and sew 100% organic cotton magic. In 2010, this co-op was recognized for its excellence in sustainable development by UNESCO.

Triumph & Authenticity

Between the devastation of the 2010 earthquake and the oppressive trade embargo of the 90’s, it is hard to overstate the uphill climb that Haitian artisans have strived to overcome. With the help of the Artisan Business Network, Imagine Home empowers industrious Haitians with entrepreneurial tools, design input, and market access to provide economic and community stability. This collaboration uses a variety of raw materials authentic to the Haitian culture. Our visits always leave us astounded at the resourceful nature of the artisans who use natural cow horn to create striking serving pieces and organic seeds from grass that result in our divine napkin rings.